We Set The Date!

You got engaged, congratulations! Your family and friends have probably asked you several questions by now. The first, Have you set a date? Your answer, We Set The Date! deserves a Save It! personalized webpage to chronicle your relationship and provide answers to the rest of the questions your friends, family and colleagues have been asking.

How did you meet? Where did you get engaged? Who proposed and how? Where is the wedding and reception? Who is in your wedding party? Where are you registered? I know everyone can’t be invited, how can I enjoy your wedding?

Select the We Set The Date - Save It! webpage package that meets your needs or customize your package to add features that highlight the history of your love.

Save It! Packages

We know weddings are expensive. Payment plans are available with low initial payments to activate your personalized Save It! webpage.


Once you tell everyone We Set The Date, purchase your deluxe Save It! webpage as your virtual wedding invitation to family and friends. Page features include the virtual invitation and RSVP, history of your relationship with photos, venue information, countdown clock and details for the day of the event.

Starting at $249

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Select the premium Save It! webpage to invite your family and friends. Page includes all deluxe features plus video history of your relationship with music from your favorite genre or personal narration as soundtrack, personal message to your future spouse and guests and links to your gift registry.

Starting at $549

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Select the elite Save It! webpage to invite your family and friends. Page includes all premium features plus photos from your engagement party, photos of your wedding party with personal messages to you and your future spouse, photo gallery from your guests as your wedding day progresses.

Starting at $1049

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Get Started Today!

While your full webpage is being created, your Save It! personalized webpage hosted on wesetthedate.com can be started today with a simple landing page that includes your names, date and time of the wedding and a personalized countdown clock. Be the first of your friends to have a unique way of sharing your special day!